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Disneyland Resort is divided into two separate theme parks and an enterainment district. The first park is the original Disney theme park Disneyland. Its sister park, Disney's California Adventure which opened in February 2001 is located across the entry plaza. At the end of the entry plaza is Downtown Disney, the entertainment district. Hotels are located at the end of Downtown Disney. Both parks are divided into "lands", or themes. Disneyland's themed lands are Main Street, U.S.A. (modeled after 20th Century Marceline, Missouri, Walt Disney's childhood town), New Orleans Square (modeled after 18th Century New Orleans, Fantasyland (modeled after a Bavarian village), Mickey's Toontown (modeled after the cartoon town of Toontown in Who Framed Roder Rabbit?), Adventureland (modeled after the jungles of Asia, Africa and the South Pacific), Frontierland(modeled after the old west), Critter Country (modeled after North American forests) and Tommorowland (modeled after the future). Disney's California Adventure is divided into 5 themed lands, Sunshine Plaza (modeled after a California postcard), Golden State (which is divivded into 5 districts; Condor Flats is modeled after the aviation days of 20th Century Mojave Desert, Grizzly Peak Recreation Area is modeled after the Northeastern California wilderness, The Bay Area is modeled after 20th Century San Francisco, Golden Vine Winery is modeled after California's Wine Country and Pacific Wharf is modeled after California's 20th Century wharfs), Paradise Pier (modeled after California's 20th Century boardwalks), Hollywood Pictures Backlot (modeled after Hollywood's studio backlots) and "a bug's land" (modeled after the movie "a bug's life" is the only non-Californian themed land in the park).

Disneyland's rides are generally considered classic well-themed dark rides (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean) with the occasional thrill ride (e.g. Space Mountain), while California Adventure's rides are more thrill-oriented. However there are some family-style rides ("Soarin' Over California"). The cast members (Disney for "employee") in all sections of the park are very friendly and helpful. The attention to detail throughout the parks is extraordinary.

The two biggest problems with the Disneyland Resort as a whole are crowds and price. However with careful planning, both can be avoided:

Eating outside park is quite possible due to the close vicinity of several restaurants to the park and the benefit of hand-stamp and re-entry. Stick to just snacks maybe one meal in the park, and you can save some cash.

The parks can be pretty crowded, especially during the weekends, summer, and winter holidays, which leads to long lines for the most popular attractions. However, if you visit in the late winter or early spring off-season lines can be short, especially during the weekdays. Disney's California Adventure has fewer attractions and still has long lines, but not as long as Disneyland's attractions. Disneyland is the most visited theme park in the world, with Disney's California Adventure rapidly becoming the second.